About BraapNation

Womxn make up 21% of all motorcycle riders - we want to change this. BraapNation™ ’s vision is to empower womxn to learn how to ride and inspire womxn riders to expand their motorcycle riders education. BraapNation™ provides motorcycle education giveaways throughout the year: for Basic Riders Courses, Advanced Riders Courses, or Trackdays.

BraapNation™ LLC also donates courses and trackday gift certificates to raffle off at events around the Southeast United States. We are sponsoring two lucky ladies to attend the Sportbike Track Time Ladies Day event in June 2022, To stay up-to-date on our philanthropic efforts, subscribe to our newsletter by entering your email in the newsletter signup form at the bottom of this page.

Unique Bows For Badass Womxn

Our bows are carefully created and designed to withstand major wind, bad weather, and harmful UV rays. We are continually fine tuning the durability of our bows through ongoing quality control. Check them out!

Motorcycle helmet bow
Girl wearing motorcycle helmet with the original Briitbraap bow

How It All Started

On June 20, 2020 my life changed forever. I was involved in a major motorcycle accident leaving me with a broken spine held together by hardware.

During my long recovery I dedicated my future to inspire riders to return to riding after an accident, and encourage more womxn to ride motorcycles despite the risk.

BraapNation™ LLC was founded by Brittany Hughes, aka BrittBaap, in May 2021 with the philanthropic mission to provide scholarship opportunities to womxn riders who want to learn to ride motorcycles, race, or attend motorcycle track days.

“Don’t let fear keep you from what sets your soul on fire.”